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McGregor's verbal tirade on dos Anjos

  • McGregor's verbal tirade on dos Anjos

UFC fighter Conor McGregor has risen to fame like no other in recent memory. 

As the sport continues to grow world-wide, McGregor is leading the charge with both his fists and his mouth.

Speaking at a press conference for UFC 197 (to be held on March 5), McGregor had no hesitation in announcing that he would "dust" opponent Rafael dos Anjos.

“I’ll be fresh after 197. I believe I will dust Rafael inside one minute,” McGregor said during the pre-fight press conference.

“He is a slower, sloppier version of Aldo. He’s like a bum version of Aldo. I believe in absolutely everything. I believe inside one minute I will dust him, I will exit the contest fresh, I’ll cash the check, I will sign the contract for UFC 200, the brand new MGM and we’ll go again.

“2015 was my year. 2016 is also my year. Every year is my f--king year.”

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McGregor has a chance at history to become the first fighter to hold two belts over two different weight divisions. 

The Irishman continued his verbal tirade on the lightweight champion, suggesting that he will "behead" dos Anjos and parade it around the streets of Brazil.

“On March 5, I will behead Rafael dos Anjos. I will drag his head through the streets of Rio de Janeiro through a parade of people I would imagine. It will be a national holiday I would also imagine.”

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